I'm through being cute, I'm through being nice, so tell me, Lord, am I the Antichrist?! Skull
raylienkontakt: Hiya girlie we gon hang this summer

I love you

its happening again and I cant make it stop FUCK all I ever wanna do is leave and cry all the time and do bad things and I spent a half an hour last night pulling my hair and I feel embarrassed with my hair up today because its jjust a reminder that im a piece of shit and everyone is being so passive towards me and its like I have no friends, like im not the important friend to ANYONE and my mom is on my case telling me she wants to put me in treatment again and have me do the entire stay but FUCKKKCKCKCKDK

prom is next week 

i am the only person in the group of 40 people without a date

my life is sad af 

Hi my name is Chelsea I am a piece of shit and Im skipping the rest of school to go to bed and cry because everyone, myself included, hates me